The Singapore economy is one of the most competitive and stable in the world, with no foreign debt, 政府收入高,持续有盈余. 它主要是由电子产品和精密工程的出口推动的, but the service sector, 特别是信息和通信行业, tourism, and finance are key drivers of growth, too. 新加坡还有世界上最繁忙的集装箱港口, 每年有五分之一的全球转运贸易经过这里, 使其成为全球物流链的中心节点.


Market-entry is unusually easy. The small city-state provides one of the world’s most business-friendly regulatory environments for local entrepreneurs. And with increasing purchase power, an ageing population, 城市化和对可持续高科技产品的总体需求, 对乐博彩票官方app产品和服务的需求大幅增加. 再加上新加坡的主要投资,创造了世界上第一个智能国家, 这个乐博彩票官方app几乎已经成为为乐博彩票官方app公司量身定做的. Not surprisingly, this has led to Singapore becoming one of Sweden’s largest trading partners in Asia Pacific.

The talent pool in Singapore is highly qualified, international and competitive. And, since the country is a natural stepping-stone for companies wishing to scale up and expand their business in the greater region, testing in Singapore will provide a sense of how to grow your business further in the Asia-Pacific region.

Risks and challenges

The main risk is a result of the region’s success, namely finding and retaining talent. 竞争激烈,成本居高不下, which results in companies having to be patient and expect it to take some time before business take off. And, 因为透明度是商业环境中的一个主要因素, the country can be perceived as complicated in terms of financial reporting and general compliance. These strict processes of course reflect Singapore’s zero tolerance for corruption and irregularities. Our Trade & Invest commissioner in Singapore, Emil Akander, 你能从下面的采访中找到更多关于这方面的见解吗.

How we can help

At Business Sweden we help Swedish companies looking to invest and expand in this stable and highly dynamic economy. We do this through strategic advice, practical support, 乐博彩票官方app洞察力和广泛的业务网络.


Emil Akander

Trade & Invest Commissioner Singapore and the Philippines and Market Area Director Southeast Asia

在新加坡开店可能是进入亚洲乐博彩票官方app的第一步, 然后进一步扩大在该地区的业务. Companies see Singapore as an important node in the global logistics chain as it hosts large central warehouses and distribution centres. 近年来,新加坡也已成为区域和全球的R中心&通过促进先进创新伙伴关系.

商业环境充满了可靠性, transparency and efficiency, and is mainly English-speaking. In addition, the talent pool is highly qualified, international and competitive. 通过在新加坡测试你的商业想法, you get a sense of what is needed to grow your business in the wider Asia-Pacific region.


主要风险在于寻找和留住人才. It is also important to be aware of that competition and cost situation is high, which implies that Swedish companies must be patient and expect that it takes some time before the business take off. The country is also perceived as complicated in terms of financial reporting and general compliance. These strict processes reflect Singapore's zero tolerance for corruption and irregularities.


Singapore is an ethnically multi-faceted society with a Chinese majority and strong minorities of Malays, Indians and other Eurasians. It is therefore important to show respect for each other's cultures and society and to get to know each other before doing business. 在新加坡的商业文化中,人际关系很重要, 所以如果你在会议上被问到私人问题,不要惊讶. Negotiations take longer than in the West, however not as long as in other Asian countries. 新加坡人通常是准备充分的,也希望你这样做.

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