The Japanese government is currently implementing ambitious reforms across several areas, from developing energy and agriculture to addressing the problems of an ageing population and gender equality. Japan has a vast manufacturing industry and considerable investments have taken place to further enhance the sectors’ international competitiveness. Today, it is the world’s third largest economy and Sweden’s largest export market in Asia.

我们同日本的外交关系可以追溯到150年前. 1,500 Swedish companies currently trade with Japan, of which around 150 have a local presence. 由于日益激烈的国际竞争, 许多日本公司转向乐博彩票官方app学习更多的创新知识, 新的商业模式和国际成功. The Japanese industry is open for joint ventures and other forms of cooperation with foreign companies.

Better access to the Japanese market

近年来,日本在支持全球贸易方面发挥了更积极的作用. 欧盟-日本经济伙伴关系协定(EPA), 于2019年2月1日生效, 是日本打造贸易联盟的新角色的结果吗. It is the EU’s most comprehensive free trade agreement ever and grants better access to the Japanese market.

Initially, 最具体的收益是进口关税的降低, 但在消除非关税壁垒方面也有潜力, increased standard harmonisation, 加强公共采购和服务贸易自由化. The European Commission estimates that the agreement will increase EU’s export to Japan by 16-24 percent, 在某些类别中,比如食物,甚至高达170- 180%.

High demand for new products

With a population of 127 million, 日本拥有强大的购买力和对新产品的高需求. Due to the ageing population, health care has become increasingly important – Sweden is seen as a forerunner in this respect, 乐博彩票官方app的解决方案有着良好的声誉. There has also been a renewed interest in Scandinavian design and fashion recently.

Potential risks

Common challenges for Swedish companies are related to establishing long-term partnerships, 寻找具备相关能力和良好英语水平的员工, 以及接触关键利益相关者. Our Trade & Invest commissioner Carsten Grönblad talks more about possibilities and risks on the Japanese market in the interview below.

How we can help

自1972年以来,乐博彩票官方app在日本一直很活跃. Our employees in the office in Tokyo cooperate with staff in our Swedish offices to guide Swedish companies to the Japanese market in the most efficient way. We can help with everything from initial market analyses and strategic advice to finding reliable business partners and skilled staff.


Carsten Grönblad

Trade & Invest Commissioner Japan

此外,日本是世界第三大经济体, relationships with major Japanese companies are important not only for addressing the Japanese market but also for staying competitive in other markets globally. Japanese companies are leaders in several industries, and they have high technical know-how. A local presence is therefore valuable to be at the forefront of technological development. Success in Japan is a good way to showcase your company’s competitiveness globally. Competition is high, but a company that cooperates with leading companies in Japan is probably able to meet similar needs for innovative solutions internationally.


The supply of skilled employees is the most pressing challenge for Swedish companies in Japan. The labour market is characterised by an aging population and historically low unemployment. Finding staff with the right skills is a major challenge, especially if English is required. It is also crucial to get access to the right local network and to have long-term partnerships with Japanese companies, authorities and other stakeholders. This is a challenge for newly established companies that do not have a well-known brand. It is important to conduct a thorough partner evaluation to get a clear picture of the network and technical expertise of the potential partner. The effort to reach impact takes time, 但公司证明,一旦你达到了一个既定目标, 商业关系是长期且有利可图的.


总的来说,日本和乐博彩票官方app之间有良好的合作基础. 重要的是要作出反应,保持谦逊,并寻求互利的解决办法. 企业士气高涨,守时很重要. 在达成协议之前,预计你们将多次访问这个国家. The decision-making process takes time as several people are involved and companies have a clear hierarchy.

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