Since the early 1990s, Chile has had a politically stable situation and experienced steady economic growth. At the same time, 重要的是要了解最近发生的示威和混乱. To make an expansion to the Chilean market should therefore be considered with. As one of the most open economies in South America, combined with its transparent political leadership, it is highly competitive compared to other Latin American countries. 智利与欧盟和美国都签署了自由贸易协定,是经济合作与发展组织(OECD)的两个南美成员国之一。.

Opportunities for Swedish companies

As a well-developed market, Chile offers many business and investment opportunities for Swedish companies. The most important industries include mining, forestry, agriculture and viticulture, and in these sectors Swedish technologies and solutions can really make a difference. As Trade & Invest Commissioner Elsa Stefenson mentions in the interview below, 乐博彩票官方app在提取和制造过程方面的专业知识可以提高生产率,降低成本. 与拉美国家相比,智利在“做生意的容易程度”排名中名列前茅.

In recent years, 智利公司对数字化和技术解决方案的兴趣越来越大, related to areas such as healthcare, e-health and transport solutions. The consumption in Chile has also gone up, mainly due to a boost in purchasing power, but also thanks to advantageous credit loan opportunities. In consequence, the retail sector has also experienced substantial growth.

Possible challenges

With the economy growing, Chile offers a lot of chances to Swedish businesses for expansion and market entry, but there are some aspects that can be challenging. The level of English throughout the country is low, 与欧盟相比,英国的税收体系官僚主义程度很高,在当地找到合适的合作伙伴开展业务可能是一项挑战. In addition, 乐博彩票官方app公司可能会意识到,在信息传播和当地利益相关者将信息转化为行动之间存在差距.

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商业乐博彩票官方app提供战略建议,可以帮助你建立一个可靠的本地网络. We have been present in Chile since 2008, our local office also covers Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay.

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Elsa Stefenson

Trade & Invest Commissioner & Country Manager Chile, Argentina and Peru
What are the main advantages for expansion in Chile?

智利、阿根廷和秘鲁是以商品为基础的乐博彩票官方app,侧重于采矿、林业和农业. 这些经济体对在其工业中创造效率利润并帮助缩小与国际乐博彩票官方app竞争差距的技术感兴趣. Swedish companies are great potential partners, 这要归功于智利重要产业中令人印象深刻的技术供应商组合和关于可持续性的专业知识. In addition, 不断增长的投资和宽松的商业环境进一步降低了扩张的障碍. 阿根廷和秘鲁等国也很有吸引力,因为它们是巨大的国内乐博彩票官方app,有大量未开发的潜力.

What are the risks and challenges companies may face in Chile?

对许多乐博彩票官方app公司来说,在智利找到合适的合作伙伴是一项挑战. 你很有可能与不了解你公司核心价值的经销商合作. To minimise the risks of damaging your brand, 在与当地合作伙伴开展合作时,监督能力和专业知识或遵守企业社会责任准则等方面是关键. Additional challenges are the perception of long distance from Sweden, high labour costs, low level of English, and the overall political-economic instability. Bureaucracy and corruption in the business environment are still prevalent, 但许多国家,如智利和乌拉圭,一直在积极致力于减少这些问题.

Are there any cultural aspects to consider?

Generally speaking, Latin America has a formal business culture. It is important to develop long-term relationships with business partners. 由于英语水平普遍较低,用西班牙语进行有效交流的能力是很有价值的. 组织往往是等级分明的,有明确的责任和指挥链.

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