The US is showing promising signs of recovery despite hitting record daily increases in coronavirus infections in recent weeks. 第三季度经济增长了7.9月份,失业率降至7%.9%,低于14%的高点.4月份为7%.

To get a sense of the recovery progress and how Swedish companies in the US market are coping with the fall-out of Covid-19, 团队乐博彩票官方app(商业乐博彩票官方app, The Embassy of 乐博彩票官方app and the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce) carried out a follow-up survey among 70 management level executives operating across 20 sectors in all parts of the country.

A clear sense of optimism was echoed by all respondents with seven out of 10 companies reporting they have fully recovered or are in a recovery phase. Over 25 per cent of Swedish companies confirm their performance is back at pre-pandemic levels, and one out of ten respondents have expanded their business during the pandemic.

The fastest pace of recovery can be detected in business services, 能源, 基础设施, 运输和汽车. 尽管如此, the survey shows that 15 per cent of Swedish companies in the US have yet to enter the recovery phase with sectors such as materials and mining and consumer products and services lagging far behind.

This report outlines the findings based on three focus areas: current state of recovery among Swedish companies; recovery and growth strategies and finally; future commitment to the US market including respondents’ views on business impacts of the presidential election.  

下载 the report for a full presentation of the US survey results.   


This survey of Swedish companies operating in the US was conducted by 团队乐博彩票官方app, 一个由乐博彩票官方app商界和美国商界联合发起的计划, the Embassy of 乐博彩票官方app and the Swedish American Chambers of Commerce. The respondents represented Swedish companies with 操作 in all regions of the US (55 per cent with nationwide presence) where 16 per cent were large-sized companies (500 global employees or more), 36 per cent medium-sized companies (50-499 employees) and 48 per cent small-sized companies (0-49 employees).